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the head, heart and hands of community to re-localize and thrive.

Welcome to Transition Asheville!

Transition Asheville is involved in many aspects of what some have called the Great Transition – the shift for the world’s populations away from extractive industries and attitudes limited by the finite nature of the Earth and toward working within these limitations to regenerate and meet the basic needs for all of us.  This is true not only for the obvious shifts in energy sources, but for food, water, transportation, housing, economy, and heart-and-soul as well.  Keep up-to-date with what we are doing through our Events and News and Resources pages here on our website, and through our e-newsletter.  We hope you will join us at our monthly socials and find an activity or project that makes you want to join or lead this effort.

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Transition Asheville Time Bank

 Our Mission:

Building a resilient community by creating an alternative economy that connects people to exchange services using time as a currency.

Time Banks provide their members a way to exchange services without using money.  You can earn hour credits for something you enjoy doing and are good at. Then you can use those credits getting help from someone else.  Everyone has skills to share and each hour of service is valued equally.

For more about time banks, watch this short video:

 Interested?  Email us and we will keep you posted:      Or you can call (828) 545-9681

About Us

We believe solutions will emerge as we build on the wisdom of the past and tap into the pool of ingenuity, skills and determination in this community. We learn a ton and celebrate together! Find out more »

 Why Transition?

So we can build build community and develop resiliency, as peacefully, equitably, joyfully and intelligently as possible. Read a sample of the fabulous Transition US newsletter here.  Watch this 2 minute video! Play Video »