Bringing together

the head, heart and hands of community to re-localize and thrive.


Transition Asheville continues to bring people together in our region to plan for a healthy, equitable, sustainable, resilient future. We affirm that massive changes are predicted for Earth and embrace our ability to affect that future in a positive way.  We are an all-volunteer, grass roots organization, and we have reached the point where our funds are very low. Our ongoing costs include our website with our community calendar, our e-newsletter, support for community-scale projects, and public presentations. To see what we have been doing, please look through our website. If you like what you see, please make a generous contribution by clicking on the Donate to the Cause button here on the website.

About Us

We believe solutions will emerge as we build on the wisdom of the past and tap into the pool of ingenuity, skills and determination in this community. We learn a ton and celebrate together! Find out more »

 Latest News

Welcome to the new website! Keep up to date with all the great Transition-related projects, events and wisdom in our Asheville community. Read our blog! »

Why Transition?

So we can build build community and develop resiliency, as peacefully, equitably, joyfully and intelligently as possible. Read a sample of the fabulous Transition US newsletter here.  Watch this 2 minute video! Play Video »